About us

Gluglu Salento is a registered trademark of Adriatic Shipping.

The project

The name Gluglú Salento is inspired by warm and funny cartoon character, Gluglú, who represents the essence of our project. He carries a surprised and inquisitive expression, which is how we want our clients to react. We want them to reach new levels of curiosity and, more importantly, be ready to discover the wonders of our land in which we live. Salento is a beautiful, spellbinding place, full of magic and tradition which is why we added it to our name. Our beautiful land even offers us Salentini an untainted landscape. Every corner is brimming with inspiration, protection or simply a peaceful place of solitude.
So now we have all the elements in place to begin this new adventure. We will do everything in our power to ensure an impeccable service, to help make your dreams come true and to continue creating unforgettable and personalised experiences with us.

Are you interested in our services and experiences? Would you like to organize a boat trip and you don’t know how to do it? Contact us, we will answer all your queries!!