Underwater experiences

Have you ever had the experience and know what it feels like to breath underwater? Have you ever explored the seabed with a qualified instructor? In this section you can find several live underwater experiences. All accompanied by a professional instructor including diving tours, snorkeling or scuba diver courses at all levels.

We supply you with all levels of scuba diver courses, recreational, technical and free diving, up to instructor level with training agencies, employing ten years experienced instructors. We have daily courses throughout the year in five languages (Italian, French, Germán, English, Spanish), with customized programs according to availability of trainee.

The cost includes instructional material, certification, trips by rubber dinghy and all the required equipment during the training.

Every day we provide you day/night diving tours suitable for all certification levels, with 2 rubber dinghies, one of 7.40mt fand another one of 10mt. Both are equipped with a central tanks compartment and one fins holder basket to ensure a comfortable voyage. While diving an assistant from on board adequately monitors the selected diving area. Divers in the water are up to five people for each guide and are homoneously grouped depending on their own level. Every day we have a try scuba diving for those who have never experienced the feeling to breathing underwater, accompanied by a qualified instructor. You can explore the seabed for about 40 minutes in a complete safe and quite way.

During the voyage it is possible to make snorkeling trips, both with and without a guide. The duration is aproximately one hour. You will discover the wonders of the depth, from urchins to sponges, corals and many species of fish!

A licensed and specialist company who has been certified by all brands to oversee the maintenance and repair of all scuba diving equipment.

Our technicians are certified and attend all the latest workshops to ensure and guarantee that all equipment meets all warranty requirements.

Plus, diving equipment is available to hire to enjoy your experience safely. We have 30 sets of diving equipment at your disposal which are inspected be-annually.

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